Beaver Dam man found competent to stand trial on assault charges

December 1, 2017 GMT

JUNEAU — Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Martin De Vries found probable cause Thursday for the case against Roberto Rodriguez-Rodriguez to go to trial.

The 32-year-old Beaver Dam man is charged with two counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child under age 12. He could be sentenced to 120 years in prison if found guilty of both charges.

Rodriguez was found incompetent in September, but at a hearing on Nov. 7 he was determined to be competent.

According to the criminal complaint, two girls, 6 and 8, went to his apartment July 5 to see his cat. The father of one of the girls contacted police the next day to report the assault. The two girls were crying when police arrived. The girls told police that when they went to the apartment that Rodriguez took the two to his bedroom and sexually assaulted them.

As the police officer speaking wiht the parents of the girls, a relative of Rodriguez’s entered the apartment. According to the complaint, she told officers that Rodriguez denied the assaults when she asked him about them. However, when she told him that she was going to get the girls’ parents, he left on foot and threatened to kill himself.

The detective met the girls at the Aurora Medical Center in Hartford, where they were undergoing sexual assault exams. The girls told the detective that after Rodriguez assaulted them, he showed them a movie that they described as being “disgusting.” The girls said he assaulted them after watching the movie as well.

Rodriguez was taken to Beaver Dam Police Department by a woman who told police that he had wanted to go to Mexico to avoid punishment. The woman told police that she had told him that he would be brought back to the U.S. as a fugitive if he didn’t surrender to police.

An arraignment in the case is scheduled for Jan. 3.