Company may soon bring scooters to Mississippi city

November 30, 2019 GMT

VICKSBURG, Miss. (AP) — A new mode of transportation could soon be available in downtown Vicksburg

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday approved discussions with San Antonio, Texas-based Blue Duck Express that could lead to a pilot program using scooters as alternative transportation downtown, The Vicksburg Post reported.


Information from: The Vicksburg Post,

Mayor George Flaggs Jr. said company representatives are expected in Vicksburg within the next few weeks to survey the city for scooter use. He said he rode one of the scooters while in San Antonio for the National League of Cities Convention earlier this month.


Blue Duck, which started operating 18 months ago, specializes in providing scooters to small communities like Vicksburg.

“This is a trial, and if it works here, we’ll look at expanding it,” Flaggs said.

He said some city residents have asked him about getting scooters for the city.

“The younger, older, millennials, and people of all ages just happening to be above 18 years old, have mentioned to me (about scooters) and I think we are in the process of looking at ways of discussing it with a company that is interested in bringing the scooters to Vicksburg in the downtown area,” he said.

Flaggs said the city will not be involved in the scooter business other than the board approving an ordinance allowing scooters to operate.

“They (Blue Duck) are privately owned and operated; we’re not responsible for anything,” he said, adding scooter use would be restricted to certain times of day and certain areas of the city. “They won’t ride on the sidewalk. I’ve heard all (the complaints), I’ve heard about it, but if they can do it in other cities, they can do it in Vicksburg.”

If the board wants to open the city up and make it more progressive, Flaggs said, “You have to do more than dogs and cats to make this city attractive, and I have every intention of doing it.”

“You’re (the board) not responsible for everything; the company itself is responsible for everything,” he said. “I’ve heard all the naysayers, but I’m telling you, we’ve got to do some things other than walk the dog downtown. This will attract a younger group downtown.”

People wanting to use a scooter can download an app to their cell phone to find one. The app gives the location of the scooter and tells the person how much power is remaining on its battery. Using the app, the rider scans the scooter to unlock it and rides to their destination, where the scooter is parked.

Payment for use of the scooter can be made by a credit or debit card within the app. Money from the card is deposited into a “wallet” on the app and used to pay for the rides.