Celebrate your pets this National Pet Month

May 17, 2019 GMT

May is National Pet Month, but it could be said that pets are celebrated every month at Camp Bow Wow in the Houston Greater Heights.

Camp Bow Wow franchise owner Julia Ambler is a pet advocate, and hopes to see more pet owners spread awareness and make an effort to love their pets more this month.

Ambler believes that Camp Bow Wow ties into the overall theme of National Pet Month because the camp is “all about happiness.”

The company offers day care, boarding, training and grooming for dogs.

“We have been open for a couple of months. We have fantastic clients. Everything we do is about the safety and well being of the pets,” Ambler said.


Ambler continued, “We are so passionate about all animals. Everything we do honors our dogs and their pet parents. National Pet Month is extra special because we get to celebrate with our pet parents and our friends.”

Ambler believes that pet ownership improves a person’s quality of life in may ways. She says that it helps people with keeping routines, and improves physical and mental health.

“It is fantastic throughout the entire life cycle, and for families. Having pets taught me responsibility as a kid,” Ambler said.

Ambler also noted that she had a dog after college, while she was living on her own, and it was helpful to come home to the pet every day. The dog also helped her to be social and make friends at that point in her life.

“They are very loyal and easy to please,” Ambler said.

Ambler notes that it is important to look at your lifestyle, which will help determine which kind of pet would be best to own. Also research breeds, as different breeds have different traits.

“A puppy is a lot of responsibility, and so is a senior dog. Do you have the financial stability to bring home a senior dog that needs medical care,” Ambler said.

Ambler also says to make note if you plan to travel a lot. Is there a roommate who could take care of the pet, or would the pets be boarded overnight?

At Camp Bow Wow, an overnight stay includes all day play in spacious yards, and an individual cabin with a cot and fleece blankets to insure the dog is comfortable. There are even webcams for parents to check in on their pets.

“They can see how we interact with the dogs. It gives pet parents a lot of confidence,” Ambler said.

This month, Ambler encourages pet owners to snuggle them a little extra and maybe even teach a new trick to engage them. Ambler also says National Pet Month is a good time to bring awareness to the community.


One way that Camp Bow Wow lends a “helping paw” is through the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, which is “dedicated to providing urgent medical care funds to both homeless canines and those whose parents cannot afford their veterinary bills,” according to the Camp Bow Wow website. Donations can be made to www.bowwowbuddies.com.

“If you have the time, go volunteer at a shelter or foster a dog. Spread the word about how great life is with animals,” Ambler said.

Camp Bow Wow is located at 7232 Wynnwood Lane in Houston. For more information about Camp Bow Wow, visit https://tinyurl.com/y2v4g929 or call 713-357-0070.