Thousands march for women’s rights in Ohio cities

January 21, 2017
Angela Olivares, of Toledo Ohio, holds up a sign at the Lansing State Capitol during the Women's March on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. (Samantha Madar /Jackson Citizen Patriot via AP)

CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohioans rallied in Washington or in their home area by the thousands Saturday, with many saying they felt the need to stand up for women’s rights and the nation’s diversity the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

People with a range of messages packed into Cincinnati’s Washington Park to hear a series of speakers and to wave posters and banners. Some were calls for love, respect and equality such as “Love One Another” and “Make America Kind Again,” while others were directed against Trump, such as “Not My President” and “Tweet People With Respect.”

Tracy Showalter, of Lebanon, brought her 13-year-old daughter, Eliza, saying she wants her to know that disrespect to women is “not OK.” She said she’s not usually an activist, and didn’t approach Saturday’s events as an “anti-Trump thing, like it may be for some.”

She said she wants to support Trump as president and hopes he brings positive changes, “but this is just a message that women aren’t going to be forgotten.”

Eliza’s poster read: “Who Runs the World?” with an arrow pointing up to her.

Jennifer Risner took an all-night bus trip to Washington with more than 100 others from Toledo.

“This felt like a good way to come together with people that share my values and are ready to mobilize,” said Risner, 34, who was dressed as Superwoman. She said it’s not just about the future of women’s issues, but “all the racism, all the xenophobia.”

Thousands more turned out in Cleveland on Saturday, among hundreds of such events around the country.

Robin Goldberg, in Cincinnati, said she found the large turnouts, including many men, uplifting.

“It shows us that we’re not alone. We’re praying for good things to happen; not so confident that they will,” Goldberg said. “But we’re trying. We can all do our part.”


Associated Press writer Alanna Durkin Richer contributed in Washington.


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