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City of Mayville officially opposes landfill expansion

January 15, 2019 GMT

The Mayville Common Council voted to officially oppose the expansion of the Glacier Ridge Landfill site.

The landfill, which is off County Road V between the rest of Mayville and Highway 33, is due for an expansion. The city is already suing over how many members it should have on the landfill siting board, which represents the relevant government bodies as negotiations go forward. Mayville officials believe the city should have four members on the board instead of one, giving it more negotiating power.

Now the city has gone a step further in officially opposing the 100-foot vertical expansion of the landfill, which the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said would add more years of useful life to the facility. There were four yes votes on the resolution, with Bob Smith abstaining over his involvements in the negotiations and Molly Henkel absent.

In his remarks, Mayville Mayor Rob Boelk said that the city is concerned about how the landfill affects the water and air, including odors emitted from the facility. He also said the city does not believe the DNR’s feasibility study was accurate and that Mayville needs to act for future generations to come.

Officials with the former town of Williamstown, which was attached to the village of Kekoskee, and the town of Hubbard, named in the lawsuit, did not respond to a request for comment. The Daily Citizen did not receive a comment from Advanced Disposal, also named in the suit, on Monday.

The council also appointed Joe Hohmann to the siting board and the landfill standing committee that will follow up with the siting board’s negotiations. Hohmann has been outspoken about the landfill and its role in the ongoing disputes between Mayville and the surrounding municipalities.

There is supposed to be a DNR public hearing about the landfill, tentatively announced for Jan. 30, but it has not been officially scheduled or posted yet. There will be a motion hearing in the ongoing court case on Jan. 30.