Grandfather pleads guilty to molesting

April 11, 2019 GMT

MICHIGAN CITY — A Michigan City grandfather accused of molesting multiple children over the course of 16 years was issued a life sentence on Tuesday.

David Edward Allen, 72, pleaded guilty to two of 12 felony child molesting charges in exchange for a sentence of 55 years in prison – considerably less than the 562 years he could have faced had a jury convicted him of all counts.

“The repeated molestation of multiple victims is evidence of a depraved mind,” Judge Michael Bergerson wrote in his sentencing order, issued Tuesday in La Porte Superior Court 1. “These were not isolated incidents, but were routine as the defendant knew no boundaries and was unable to control his deviant desires.”

According to the probable cause affidavit in the case, Allen engaged in sexual intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, digital penetration and fondling with at least five different children between the ages of 5 and 14 between September 2000 and November 2016.

The victims, four girls and a boy, all report the abuse occurred while visiting Allen’s residence on Sunnyside Drive.

“He disregarded all societal norms and transgressed all boundaries in sickening proportions,” the judge said of Allen in his sentencing order.

Bergerson found that some mitigating factors did exist, including Allen’s lack of criminal history; low-risk rating for re-offense; poor physical and mental health; and guilty plea that saved the court the expense of trial.

However, the judge said, the mitigators were “far outweighed” by the aggravating factors: the scope and magnitude of the criminal conduct over the course of several years; the violation of the trust of the victims left in Allen’s care; Allen’s lack of remorse; and the depreciation of the seriousness of the crime should a lesser sentence be imposed.

“While the defendant has pled guilty and acknowledged his criminal behavior, I do not think that the defendant understands or appreciates the misery that he has caused to his victims,” Bergerson wrote. “The defendant is in total denial and I don’t believe a word of what he said. Furthermore, the defendant failed to express or state that he was sorry for the pain and misery he has caused his victims.”

Bergerson designated Allen a credit-restricted felon, limiting the man’s “good time” credit to just one day for every six actual days served.

Allen indicated he intends to appeal his sentence, and the judge appointed the La Porte County Public Defender’s office to represent him in the matter.