Vancouver may build 2 new schools

January 30, 2020 GMT

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Two new elementary schools may be built in Vancouver, Washington.

The Columbian reports the school district announced it could construct the proposed downtown Vancouver Innovation, Technology and Arts Elementary Schooland a new elementary school. The final decision will be up to the school board.

New enrollment projections by demographer E.D. Hovee and Co. show enrollment stabilizing or growing in Vancouver Public Schools. Projections suggest district elementary-school enrollment will be 10,494 by 2025, up from 10,386 students in October 2018. Overall enrollment at the school district is about 23,000 students.

To accommodate the expected enrollment while cutting into overcrowding the district could build both schools to accommodate 300 students each. The estimated combined budget for both smaller schools is $70 million.