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Process towards new Mayville library moves forward

November 10, 2018 GMT

Those pushing for a new library in Mayville are now starting to think about how to fundraise for it.

The city’s library exploratory committee, appointed by Mayor Rob Boelk, met on Friday to discuss their next steps. A site is already in place: a piece of land behind the Limestone School Museum at 215 N. Main St. and facing John Street. Committee members have been touring other libraries in communities around the state and have put together their own wish list for what they want the library to include.

The library held an open house earlier this month to celebrate the library’s 114th anniversary and get community feedback. One of the biggest things that came up was making sure the new library has study rooms.


Now the big question is how to pay for it. The new library, which will cost millions of dollars, will have to be paid for through fundraising.

One major way to fundraise is to receive a significant donation from a wealthy individual, corporation or another organization. A hired fundraiser can also raise money (for a fee).

“I think before you’d hire a fundraiser, you’d want to know if some of those organizations are waiting to be approached, some of those foundations,” said Pat Antony, who used to be the school superintendent in Mayville and is now involved in the new library. “It seems like you would do that first. If you knew you had seed money of $2 million or whatever, that will be very attractive in the community for others to step forward.”

Antony will put together a list of potential places to approach.

“It seems to me you’d want to get your ducks in a row,” she said. “That can already be in place when you hire your fundraiser so your fundraiser isn’t taking a chunk of what you’ve already raised on your own through connections. You have to find those connections.”

The committee also talked about getting concept designs for a new library first, so that there’s a more serious proposal in place to help with fundraising.

The school district donated the site for the future library to the city. The current library would eventually be sold. There is no specific timetable for when the new library will be built.

Library officials say the current library is outdated and needs to be refreshed for the 21st century, particularly in terms of technology. There are also issues with usable space, storage, lighting, heating and accessibility to people with disabilities.