Kim Kardashian West trades insults with Lindsay Lohan

January 31, 2018 GMT

Kim Kardashian West has traded insults with Lindsay Lohan over her cornrows

The 37-year-old reality star has been accused of cultural appropriation after posting an image of her blonde cornrows on her Instagram account, and likened her hairstyle to that of Bo Derek, the actress who wore a similar braided hairstyle in the 1979 movie ’10′.

The controversy has led her to clash with the actress, who admitted to being “confused” by Kim’s new look, after a photograph of her braids were shared by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

But Kim - who has also posted a series of near-nude images that show off her new hairstyle - snapped back at the ‘Mean Girls’ star, mocking her for apparently adopting an unnatural accent since she’s started living overseas.

She wrote: “You know what’s confusing..... Your sudden foreign accent (sic)”

Kim has also received support from her younger sister Khloe.

The 33-year-old star tweeted: “I am squealing like a little pig looking at all of Kimberly’s Instagram’s from the day! Oh my God is she not sooooooo on fire right now? FEELING THE FANTASY (sic)”

Meanwhile, Kim was previously accused of “doing blackface” to promote her beauty line.

The brunette beauty - who is married to rapper Kanye West - was slammed by some social media users for appearing to darken her skin to promote her KKW Beauty brand, which launched in 2017.

But during an episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Kim watched some of her own promotional material and expressed her fears to her assistant Stephanie Shepherd.

Kim - who has kids North, four, Saint, two, and two-week-old daughter Chicago - told her: “People are saying I’m doing blackface.

“I did a photoshoot, there were some people online saying the photos were inappropriate.”