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Street repair projects expected to begin soon

January 8, 2018

NEEDLES — The city of Needles will take advantage of recently signed Senate Bill 1, the Road and Repair Accountability Act of 2017, and has assessed current needs in order to develop an SB 1 project list.

The first project is Five Mile Road. The city will seal cracks and apply slurry which is expected to take care of the city’s portion of a Five Mile Road rehabilitation project. The estimated start time is February of 2018 with completion around June of 2018.

The second project is Shore Street to the Jack Smith Park entrance, also have cracks sealed and slurry applied. The project is estimated to start in January of 2018 with completion around May of 2018.

SB 1 introduced by Sen. Jim Beall of the 15th Senate District, was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in April of 2017. SB 1 creates the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program to address deferred maintenance on the state highway system and the local street and road system. The bill requires the California Transportation Commission to adopt performance criteria, consistent with specified asset management plans, to ensure efficient use of funds available for the program.

SB 1 will annually set aside $200,000,000 of the funds available for the program to fund road and rehabilitation projects in counties that have sought and received voter approval of taxes or that have imposed fees, which are dedicated solely to transportation improvement.

In background information provided by city staff it states that the city will receive an estimated $29,035 to complete both projects.

The city council unanimously adopted the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 project list during their meeting on Oct. 10.