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Dvorsak’s transformation into starting lineman could lead to success at Springdale

September 10, 2018 GMT

Justin Dvorsak began his summer days in the offseason with a protein-filled omelet and some eggs. He then would take a trip to the local Planet Fitness with his father, where they would work out together. After eating lunch, he would go to the high school to lift weights again, this time with his teammates. The lifting session was followed by a practice.

The 6-foot-2, 305-pound Dvorsak did all of this in preparation of beginning his junior season as one of the starting tackles along Springdale’s offensive line.

While becoming a starter is a new feeling for him, playing football in itself is still something he is relishing. This is just his second year of playing organized football after joining the team as a sophomore and playing very few varsity minutes.

“Last year, when I joined, I never thought about being a lineman,” Dvorsak said. “I played soccer my entire life and to make the transition to play football was weird for me. When I originally joined I wanted to be a kicker, and as the season and lifting went on I thought I would be good as a lineman. Never would I think I would be at this position. I feel honored and lucky my team trusts me and believes in me.”

Springdale coach Seth Napierkowski knew that Dvorsak was a talented, special player. After last season, he entrenched the mentality of hard work over the summer, hoping to bring out the best in him. Heading into this season, it’s very clear it worked.

“He’s worked really hard over the last year and a half,” Napierkowski said. “It’s been a big transformation coming from his background and never playing football before and his first year last year. He had a lot to learn about the basics of football. We’re now seeing his football potential now that he has learned the basics.”

Dvorsak knows he has the chance to leave an impact upon Springdale this season, and his expectations of himself are high, but simple: to be the best at what he does.

Along with those expectations comes pressure, something that is a new experience for Dvorsak. He is being counted on to lead a class of new offensive linemen for the Dynamos. Shying away from the pressure is out of the question for him.

“There’s a lot of pressure,” he said. “It feels like this season is up to our line and up to the five people that are going to be on that line, and I’m going to be a big part of it. If the line doesn’t do their job we aren’t going to have a good year.”

Defensively, he will be playing a tackle position. Playing on defense is also a new learning experience for him, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking what he’s doing on defense and applying it when it comes to bettering himself as an offensive lineman.

Overall the team goal for Dvorsak and the Dynamos is make the playoffs. Patience is the key for him and rest of his young teammates.

“We don’t have a lot of experience, but as we go on we can become better at we do,” he said.