Drafting Mayfield, Dorsey plants his flag: Darcy cartoon

April 27, 2018

Drafting Mayfield, Dorsey plants his flag: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns drafting Baker Mayfield with the number one pick in the NFL draft should not have surprised anyone.

General Manager John Dorsey telegraphed that he would  draft Mayfield when he traded for Tyrod Taylor and traded DeShone Kizer.

He further signaled he was most likely to draft Mayfield when he hired Scot McCoughan as a draft consultant.  McCoughan had already gone on the record talking up Mayfield as the best quarterback in the draft, comparing him to Brett Favre, not Johnny Manziel.

Even before trading for Taylor and hiring McCoughan, it was reported that Dorsey was high on Mayfield having attended a half dozen of his games to personally scout him, after leaving the Kansas City Chiefs and before joining the Browns.

Of the quarterbacks the Browns were said to be considering, Mayfield most closely matched Taylor’s size and style of play.

The Browns signaled they would be unlikely to draft Josh Allen when they traded Kizer.   Like Allen, Kizer was a young,big, tall, inaccurate passer with a rocket arm.  

Most mock drafts had the Browns drafting Sam Darnold or Allen.   I get why attention was on Darnold, especially after his workout and Jimmy Haslam was photographed talking to Darnold’s parents in the stands.  What I don’t get is why Mayfield was being overlooked or tossed aside as another possible Browns pick, especially after all the signals Dorsey had sent.    The speculation was always Darnold or Allen, when it should have been Mayfield or Darnold.

Mayfield is not a reach and he’s not Manziel either.  Mayfield has a better arm, sturdier build, a better attitude and mindset than Manziel, for starters. Mayfield is a team guy, not a me guy

Many who have worked in the NFL, in front offices, as players and coaches, agree with Dorsey that Mayfield was the best  quarterback in the draft.    Those who only had reservations about his height, said if that wasn’t a factor, Mayfield would be judged by everyone as far and away, the best quarterback in the draft.

Would any Browns’ fans object to the team drafting Russell Wilson, Drew Brees or Favre?

The current Browns front office has the best record of success in the league of any Browns front office since Ernie Accorsi was GM.    I’m comfortable putting my faith in the already proven good judgement of John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf, Alonzo Highsmith and Todd Haley.

All Baker Mayfield has done is walk on to the Oklahoma University football team and win in the locker room and on the field.  I look forward to watching Mayfield walk on to the Cleveland Browns field and continue to do what he’s always done, win.