Steelers cornerback Artie Burns says he knows he has CTE

December 14, 2017 GMT

Steelers cornerback Artie Burns said he knows he has CTE.

“We play a physical sport, man. Humans are not made to run into each other,” he said in an discussion with Sports Illustrated with NFL players to talk about CTE and brain injury.

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB sat down with seven NFL players and asked if they would take a test for CTE if it existed.

Burns flat out said, “I definitely know I have it. I’m going to [test positive for] CTE. I don’t need a test. Is it going to tell me how much I have? We play a physical sport, man. Humans are not made to run into each other.”

With the Steelers for two seasons so far, Burns has not officially been diagnosed with a concussion.

Others on the roundtable, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, Detroit Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead, Panthers center Ryan Kalil, and Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long said they would take such a test.

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Dion Jordan said he wouldn’t.

CTE - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - is a degenerative brain disease that presents in people who have had repetitive brain trauma, according to the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

It’s a hot topic for NFL players, as they risk concussions and brain injury on every play during a game.

There is no CTE test on living patients, only looking at the brain postmortem can determine the severity of CTE.