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Dulles places 2nd in Division 1 at U.S. Academic Decathlon

May 9, 2019 GMT

Dulles High School’s Academic Decathlon team earned several awards at the 2019 U.S. Academic Decathlon April 25-27 competition in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The team earned second place among Division I schools, and third place overall. Dulles was also awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for Division I schools and earned second place in the team Super Quiz, the live and intense multiple-choice competition.

Students earned several individual accolades at the national competition, including highest-scoring team member Simon Sanchez-Paiva and most valuable team member Ali Abi Nassif. Other individual honors include:


Lana Haffar — 2nd Place Honors in Arts and 2nd Place Honors in Social Science

Logan House — 2nd Place Varsity in Math, 3rd Place Varsity in Music and 3rd Place Varsity in Art

Olivia Jackson — 3rd Place Scholastic in Math, 3rd Place Scholastic in Literature and 3rd Place Literature in Art

Ali Abi Nassif — 2nd Place Varsity in Interview and 3rd Place Varsity in Math

Simon Sanchez-Paiva (*3rd Place Overall Scholastic) — 1st Place Scholastic in Music, 1st Place Scholastic in Social Science, 1st Place Scholastic in Literature, 1st Place Scholastic in Art, 2nd Place Scholastic in Economics, 2nd Place Scholastic in Science and 3rd Place Scholastic in Math

Ethan Sollenberger — 1st Place Scholastic in Math, 2nd Place Scholastic in Music and 3rd Place Scholastic in Essay

Davis Varghese (*3rd Place Oversall Varsity) — 1st Place Varsity in Math, 1st Place Varsity in Music, 2nd Place Varsity in Economics, 2nd Place Varsity in Social Science and 2nd Place Varsity in Science

Robert Yang — 1st Place Honors in Math, 1st Place Honors in Literature and 3rd Place Honors in Social Science

Sophie Yangyi — 1st Place Honors in Arts (Perfect score), 2nd Place Honors Economics, 2nd Place Honors in Social Science, 3rd Place Honors in Music and 3rd Place Honors in Literature

The Dulles team set a state record by scoring 53,202.2 points at the Texas Academic Decathlon Event March 8-9 in San Antonio. It is the first Texas team to score more than 53,000 points. According to the Texas Academic Decathlon, it’s the 14th highest score in U.S. Academic Decathlon history.