Soglin has vision and track record -- Eunice Gibson

March 17, 2019 GMT

I’m supporting Paul Soglin for mayor because he has proved what he can do. What can any candidate offer besides a record of accomplishment?

His challenger demonstrates understanding of some things that need to be done. Mayor Soglin has done them.

He has not just built buildings -- Overture and Monona Terrace among others -- he has been successful in advancing diversity and has focused on affordable housing. He has imposed demanding regulations that have minimized sprawl and protected the health of the citizens. Yet he has been able to promote economic development far surpassing other Wisconsin areas.


And he recognizes that accomplishment is never enough. He sees the future. That is one of his gifts. He knows that Madison has to do more about poverty and discrimination, and he will push all of us to that work. Just as he has always done.

Eunice Gibson, Madison