Doc Williams SPCA needs to borrow medical equipment after water heater break down

February 17, 2017

GOOSE CREEK — The Doc Williams SPCA Spay & Neuter Clinic had to cancel 35 surgeries Friday because it was flooded with six inches of water.

Marcia Atkinson, the group’s executive director, said the staff now is putting out a call to local veterinarians and animal rescue groups hoping to borrow two rather expensive pieces of medical equipment, an autoclave and an anesthesia machine. If it doesn’t get them over the weekend, the clinic will have to cancel about 40 more surgeries Monday, she said.

The clinic on St. James Avenue is separate from the nonprofit’s new shelter, which opened recently on South Live Oak Drive in Moncks Corner.

Atkinson said that a water heater in the clinic’s ceiling burst in the early morning hours Friday. Staffers found a mess when they arrived Friday morning, but they and the landlord got to work and quickly got the place cleaned up.

However, the two essential pieces of medical equipment got wet, she said. After they dry out for a week, she will know if they can be repaired. If they have to be replaced, it will cost the clinic at least $15,000, she said.