Judd Apatow slams Sony

June 14, 2017 GMT

Judd Apatow has launched a foul-mouthed rant at Sony Pictures over their ‘clean version’ initiative.

The 49-year-old actor, writer and producer fired back at the film studio following an announcement last week that movie fans would be able to download the versions of their movies that are broadcast on planes or on TV as extras, but the ‘Knocked Up’ filmmaker insists they are “going to hell” because of their decision.

Reacting to an article about the initiative, Judd took to Twitter and blasted: “This is absolute bullsh*** and @sony and @SonyPictures is gonna get hell for F***ing with our movies.Shove the clean versions up your a**es! [sic]”

The Directors Guild of America has also condemned the move from Sony, in a very strongly-worded statement on Tuesday (13.06.17).

It said: “Directors have the right to edit their feature films for every non-theatrical platform, plain and simple.

“Taking a director’s edit for one platform, and then releasing it on another -- without giving the director the opportunity to edit -- violates our Agreement.

“Throughout the years, the DGA has achieved hard-fought creative rights gains protecting our members from such practices.

“As creators of their films, directors often dedicate years of hard work to realise their full vision, and they rightfully have a vested interest in protecting that work. We are committed to vigorously defending against the unauthorized alteration of films.”

However, Sony has defended its stance, pointing out that the edits were already made for airline or TV broadcasts - and can’t be bought separately.

Sony Home Entertainment President Man Jit Singh said: “This is a pilot program, developed in response to specific consumer feedback, that offers viewers the option of watching an airline or TV version of certain movies when they purchase the original version.

“We discussed this program, and the use of these pre-existing versions, with each director or their representatives.”