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A ‘demonstrating Medium’ Has to Be Part Entertainer

June 5, 2018 GMT

Dear Bonnie: I’m a medium also, and I would like to know a little more about becoming a demonstrating medium and giving messages in a large crowd. -- Bridge

Dear Bridge: One of the most challenging ways mediums can share their gift is in front of a large crowd waiting to hear from their loved ones and hoping they will be the receiver of a message. All eyes are upon the medium as she enters and becomes the center of attention. Most mediums will prefer doing one-to-one readings while others enjoy demonstrating more. Both ways can be challenging.

The demonstrating medium must be confident when working with spirit and large audiences of people at the same time -- becoming the entertainer of sorts, even through the work is serious and can change how others view heaven and dying.

The demonstrating medium will need to know when to be sad and show sympathy as the story unfolds of how this person left the Earth plane, and know when to raise the vibration of the audience by bringing joy and laughter from the spirit world. Most audience members do attend to witness the miracle of communicating with the other side, while others are skeptics or just curious to see how this enfolds. A good medium will make the connection seem effortless while bringing forth the evidential proof of life after death.

The communicator on the other side will provide vital details -- how they lived, died and their attributes, personality and unique quirks they had on this side of life -- all in the hopes that you will recognize them as you knew them on this side of life. It really is like having a three-way conversation -- from spirit, through spirit, to spirit. The perfect connection will leave the medium and the recipient feeling exhilarated. It is so gratifying to see the love and healing that a message can bring.

There are two ways in which a medium can bring a message forth in a gallery -- direct and indirect. The indirect choice is allowing spirit to pick whom is going to step forward and delivering the details of this spirit to an open crowd; therefore, finding the recipient of the message. The direct method is used when the medium is pulled to a person in the audience and permission is given by that person to work with her. It’s like giving permission to the spirit world to start a conversation. This always starts off with, “I feel like I am with you, would you like a message?” The direct message always takes less time than the indirect method, but the indirect method can bring an audience together and make them all feel included in the process.

I have found that both work equally well.

The role of the demonstrating medium is to represent the spirit world, presenting the information that is coming through while intriguing the audience at the same time. It is a great responsibility.

The medium has done her job well if she has inspired, fascinated and kept the crowd enthralled and filled with wonder, while at the same time keeping it genuine and trustworthy, leaving the audience feeling the souls of the loved ones who have come through with no doubt that life continues. If the messages were given with compassion and confidence, the medium has done his job well.

Most mediums need to know to just be yourself -- that’s the best we can do. Share your own personal stories and make your audience laugh and feel relaxed in your presence. If you attend a gallery or event, come with an open heart and mind and enjoy being in the presence of miracles (in the form of messages). The spirit world is amazing!

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