Barbara Trombetta: Laughling Yoga at the senior center

March 11, 2019 GMT

Each Wednesday at 12:30, a group meets at the Senior Center to enjoy a session of laughter yoga. It is a one-hour low-to-moderate cardiovascular exercise routine that is like no other you’ve ever been to. We are told to act like 4-year-olds and laugh like we did when we were kids. (Interesting fact: on an average day, children laugh 300 times while adults laugh maybe 15.)

Laughter is a “no-bad-side-effects” medicine. It helps lower blood pressure, relax muscles, reduce stress, lower pain and uplift your spirit. Ten minutes of real or fake belly laughing can result in more restful sleep. Laughter is the inner connection between sense and nonsense. We all love a good joke or a funny movie because it makes us laugh.


Class participants sing songs, do the Hokey Pokey, march to McNamara’s Band and play childish games. We will do stretching exercises, balance routines, arm movements like orchestra maestro’s, deep breathing, humming, etc. If someone has a good joke to tell, we share it with the group. We are there to not be serious. It is a fun hour.

The Lake Havasu group celebrated it’s fourth birthday in December, but laughter yoga classes began in 1995. Dr. Matan Kataria and his wife (a yoga instructor) came up with the concept in India. There are now 8,000 plus classes worldwide.

If you seniors are looking to meet others and have a good time, join us one Wednesday. As a newcomer, said last week, “I feel like I’m in kindergarten again.”

Barbara Trombetta is an author and a retired banker who lives in Lake Havasu City.