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Local author tells childhood stories of Wayne County

December 28, 2018

WAYNE — During a recent Wayne Public Library open house, local author Robert Thompson set up shop to promote his new book, “Holler Tales.”

“Holler Tales” is a collection of firsthand accounts people wrote about their childhoods from the 1860s until the early 1900s.

“This book involved collecting and annotating first hand accounts of people growing up in the 1800s and early 1900s,” he said. “It allowed me to experience their childhoods in their own words.”

Thompson said a neat thing about this publication was the discussions behind the scenes.

“In this particular one, I spent a while talking with two of my former teachers,” Thompson said. “As a teacher, I enjoyed discussing our profession and how it has changed.”

He explained that being involved in the community and reaching out to readers with signings allows him to connect with the audience.

“I enjoy hearing people’s personal connection to the people and events discussed in my books,” Thompson said.

For his next work, Thompson is currently working on a book about the Great Depression in Wayne County.

“I have gotten to interview several people who grew up during that time period,” he said. “It’s a story I want to tell while the people who experienced it are able to share their stories.”

Thompson grew up at East Lynn and graduated from Wayne High in 2006. He has been teaching in the county since 2011.

He has published several books including “East Lynn Booming,” “Climbing Trouts Hill,” “Images of East Lynn,” “Pioneers, Rebels and Wolves,” “Fear No Man,” “Poor Farm,” “Badges & Bullets,” “Twelve Pole Terror” and “Uphill Both Ways.”

Thompson’s books can be purchased by sending $20 plus $4 shipping ($24 total) to P.O. Box 221 Wayne, WV 25570 or online at www.lulu.com/robt1687.

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