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Police Seeking Motive in Shooting Spree; One Victim Dies

March 9, 1990 GMT

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Police say a man who fired at 10 people apparently picked his victims at random as he drove around the city. A newspaper delivery man who was shot in the head died today and seven others were injured.

Police did not know what provoked the shooting spree Thursday morning.

″It’s just a completely senseless, random shooting,″ Police Lt. Mike McKenna. ″This was an unprovoked attack on each of these individuals.″

William F. Brown, 41, died today at HCA Wesley Medical Center. An employee of The Wichita Eagle, Brown was shot as he was stocking a coin-operated newspaper box outside a restaurant.


Police surrounded the gunman’s red Volvo and arrested him after he pulled into a fast-food restaurant. Police found a bomb and a fresh carcass of a goose in the suspect’s car. The bomb was later detonated.

McKenna said the man, who had not been charged, was sent to a hospital for a mental evaluation. He said there had been several complaints about the man’s violence in the past.

There were at least 10 shooting incidents in east Wichita in a little more than an hour starting around 4:30 a.m., McKenna said. Two people were hit by bullets and the rest by flying glass, police said.

Lee Bunch was heading for work when he noticed a red Volvo with its bright lights on following close behind. At an intersection, Bunch said, he looked toward the driver.

″He had a revolver pointed at my head. I took off and he followed me ... The bullet hit my left rear window and passed through and blew out my right passenger window,″ Bunch said. ″I believe it just missed my head.″