Letters To The Editor 3/1/2019

March 1, 2019 GMT

Lasting message

Editor: For more than 50 years, Paul Harvey, who died Feb., 28, 2009, captivated Americans with his radio broadcasts of news, commentary and storytelling.

Millions listened to his velvety voice that turned the news into narrative and entertainment. My family and I were loyal listeners. Harvey had a gift of making you feel like you were part of the family. Unlike today’s news culture, we trusted what he told us. He had a magical fluidity to his storytelling. His style of communicating was unique, with his dramatic pauses and quirky intonations.

Harvey loved history. He was a master at connecting the past to the present and analyzing trends. His commentary of John Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, comforted Americans in a manner that no one else could have accomplished.

His radio program was the launching pad for an entire cast of conservative broadcasters. He loved America and was extremely concerned about the decline of American moralism. In 1965 he did a broadcast titled “If I were the Devil: How to Destroy America.” The essay postulates what steps the devil might take in order to corrupt human civilization, especially the United States.

Not only did each predication come to fruition; it unfortunately manifested several times over, fueled by America’s moral decline. Examples include:

■ To the young, whisper that the Bible is a myth.

■ Convince children that man created God instead of the other way around.

■ Confide that what’s bad is good and what’s good is bad.

■ Make it legal to take the life of unborn babies.

■ Attack the family, the backbone of any nation.

Harvey understood the devil’s methods to undermine and destroy America from within. Even if you don’t believe in the devil, America is on a path of decline and self-destruction.




Real emergency

Editor: A national emergency would be to let funding for 9/11 terrorist attack victims run out of money.

This is a disgraceful prospect. The fund benefits men and woman who rescued lives and saved others. Some top government officials told first responders at the time of the tragedy that the air was safe to breathe at Ground Zero in New York, which we now know was a lie.

Now, we have President Trump telling us that a wall on the border with Mexico is a emergency. That’s a disgrace.

Meanwhile, people die every day from cancer after working on the pile at Ground Zero. This is a disgrace and a real national emergency.

Just because Trump didn’t get his way on funding for the border wall he shut down the government. He is like a bully who acts out when he can’t get his way. Now, fund the 9/11 compensation reserve.




Presiding over sales

Editor: Haydn Evans (“Favoritism for King?” Feb. 20) should be reminded that Presidents Day actually has nothing to do with anyone honoring Presidents George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

It seems to have everything to do with mattress sales, car sales, furniture sales and a three-day holiday weekend. Nothing even appears to get mentioned about the two great presidents.

At least Martin Luther King Jr. still has his own holiday.




Trump maligned

Editor: The more I see the behavior of Democrats the more I believe they need serious help.

Never did I imagine that one man, President Donald Trump, could drive an entire group of people insane. People that I have known most of my life literally foam at the mouth when I talk about him. Seriously, what has this man done? Cut out the name-calling and labeling.

The Democratic Party, which should change its name to the socialist party, calls him homophobic and yet he leads an initiative to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. Where was former President Barack Obama, their savior, for this? Trump stated in his State of the Union speech that he would like to eradicate HIV/AIDS once and for all. Does that really sound like someone who fits the homophobic label?

He is labeled a racist yet he has talked about the unfair, overwhelming percentage of imprisoned blacks and signed into law a criminal reform bill. Black unemployment is at historic lows and black workers’ wages are rising as employment opportunities grow considerably. Minorities, please pay heed to the nonsense this party of dependency spews with its propaganda.

As we see in the news, if there is no prolific racism, let’s create some. The most popular alleged hate crimes of the recent past have mostly been hoaxes.

After every rock has been turned over the world will finally realize what a farce the “Russian collusion” prank has been. People have looked into every aspect of our president’s life before and after the 2016 election. When he comes out unscathed, I hope every Democrat gradually regains sanity and we will find a cure for the most damaging affliction this nation has seen, Trump derangement syndrome.




Sickening sight

Editor: Watching the recent congressional testimony by Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, and seeing Republican legislators on the House Oversight Committee try desperately to prevent him from testifying made me sick to my stomach.

Those Republicans would rather that people remain ignorant and continue to believe the lies our president generates ad infinitum. Well, thanks to the news media, we don’t have to. The media transcend partisanship and restore power to where it belongs.

An informed electorate is what separates us from joining a world fraught with totalitarian regimes and we intend to preserve that God-given right.

Just as we may join a panel of courtroom jurors, we can sit in front of our television screens, listen to testimony and render judgment. No partisan hacks from either party have a right to deprive us of that, now or ever.