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Prostitute Says Swaggart Had Sex With Her

May 25, 1988 GMT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) _ A prostitute claims television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart engaged in sexual intercourse with her once and asked that her 9-year-old daughter watch sex acts, according Penthouse magazine.

The article in the July issue is the first report on Swaggart’s alleged sexual encounters to say that he engaged in sexual intercourse. In previous interviews, the prostitute, Debra Murphree, has said Swaggart paid her to perform lewd acts while he watched.

The Penthouse interview is accompanied by explicit photos in which Murphree demonstrates the acts she said Swaggart asked her to perform.

She said she had at least 20 encounters with him during a one-year period.

The issue containing the article is scheduled to go on sale in June, but some copies were sold in advance here Tuesday.

The reported meetings with Murphree led to Swaggart’s removal from the pulpit by the Assemblies of God church. Swaggart stopped preaching for three months but returned to the pulpit Sunday without his denomination credentials.

Swaggart has never admitted a sexual encounter, but said from the pulpit that he had sinned and suffered a moral failure.

William Treeby, an attorney for Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries, refused to comment on the Penthouse article.

″We will have no comment about that ever,″ Treeby said.

In the article, Murphree claimed that she and Swaggart once had brief sexual intercourse.

She also said she performed oral sex on Swaggart more than once.

She said Swaggart was unwilling most times to pay her the going rate of ″$30 or $40″ for her to perform oral sex.

″God, what a freak 3/8 Kinky 3/8 Here he is up there preaching for all this money, and when I see him, he’s kinky and cheap, too,″ she said.

She said she refused Swaggart’s request that she have her 9-year-old daughter watch sex acts.

″I said, ’You can do whatever turns you on but don’t ever mention my daughter again,‴ Murphree told the magazine.