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Young entrepreneur knows her market

October 25, 2017 GMT

SIDNEY — One local Sidney resident has taken the popularity of slime and created her own business.

After taking sewing classes, Sidney Allard, who will turn 12 in November, learned slime was popular at school. She decided to seize the opportunity and create a business around the gooey substance.

“I started because my friends really like slime,’ she said. “People use it as a stress reliever and to play with, obviously.”

SidSlimeShop was a hit, but Allard learned it wasn’t a good idea to sell the substance in school. She got into trouble at school and moved her business online. About six weeks ago, she attended her first craft fair. Now she is branching out and will be at Saturday’s Kidz Explore in Mitchell to gain valuable experience and expand her business to more residents in the Panhandle.

Allard has learned the inner workings of running your own business and how to create spreadsheets to help determine the costs of all the materials in her products. It was hard for her to figure out at first.

“I had worked with spreadsheets before, but not like that,” she said. “I read up on them (spreadsheets) and figured out how to track everything.”

The craft show she attended at Sidney’s Oktoberfest was tiring for her. She worked 10 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, which didn’t include set up and take down time. It was worth it for the young entrepreneur. The day was fun and interactive, and she learned some new business skills.

“It was amazing,” she said. “I learned how to sell and persuade people to buy this one or that one.”

The slime comes in different colors and textures. Some have beads. Some have fake snow, “Captain Crunch”, floam or foam beads. The “Captain Crunch” looks and smells like the cereal. She has also sold molten rose bone in her Etsy shop, which has pink and gold accents to it.

Her chocolate cookie cheesecake floam has a white base, foam beads for texture and small, black glitter. Other options available include, buttered popcorn, Ice Fairy and monster mash.

She also sells activator pens, which go with the slime, in case the slime gets sticky. Monthly baskets are also available through her Etsy shop.

You can find SidSlimeShop on Instagram, where you can see several videos of her products or visit her Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SidSlimeShop.