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Unified Warrior Foundation plans Continental Divide Trail hike

February 4, 2017 GMT

Unified Warrior Foundation is planning a Continental Divide Trail hike, beginning in late March.

George Eshleman of Calhoun, and Ian Douglass of Pennsylvania, will traverse the 3300-plus miles to help raise money for various foundations as well as awareness for veterans issues.

“Unless the issue of veteran suicide is constantly kept in the minds of Americans, it will silently disappear as many important issues do because of the vast amount of information we all have to compete with,” said Eshleman. “Keeping this issue alive is a fight in itself. Just as we fought for our brothers in combat, we must continue to fight to bring assistance and improvement to the current processes and solutions for them and their families.”

Unified Warrior Foundation has chosen foundations they work with to assist veterans. The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), America’s Fund and Guardian Overwatch have all demonstrated their commitment to helping veterans. These organizations will be featured in Podcasts delivered from the trail over the five-month journey.

An additional endeavor for this hike from the Canadian border in Northwest Montana to the Mexico border in Southeast New Mexico will be to pass on the benefits of the outdoors and a little knowledge to the youth in the U.S.; many who have never or may never have the opportunity to see this part of America and be involved in something so important.

“We all want to leave behind something that will endure long after we are gone,” said Eshleman. “Passing by the reserved property of those lives that have ended, I wonder sometimes, who were they and what life did they live? Were they ethical and moral in their actions? Did they do everything they could have done to make a difference?”

Video Podcasts for middle school classrooms across the country will include geological, historical and conservation information. Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas will have the opportunity to download these podcasts for their classrooms and bring the nations treasures to children while delivering facts and history about the different part of our country. More schools will be added as the hike begins.

Anyone who would like information on how to help sponsor segments of the hike, contact George Eshleman at 706-879-0558.