Ron Jackson: Is mass-murder insurance the answer?

November 11, 2018

Different day, different coast, different venue, same results with another mass murder taking the lives of innocent Americans. Same response. We offer thoughts and prayers to the survivors and to the families of those who were not. Then we blame the weapons. Then we move on until the next event. It could be a day, a week, a month, but it is going to happen. Then, we repeat.

Slapping a mental illness label on people who commit such heinous acts does nothing to stem the tide of violence. Even if a person is deemed mentally unstable, that is not a crime. Every person with mental illness does not show it, and most don’t resort to violence. It is not fair or responsible to blame acts of crime on mental illness. Some people are just evil. Even the kindest, gentlest person can snap.

It is time that we realize that mass murder cannot be prevented in the United States. Like other diseases that are without cure, gun violence is a cancer that has no remedy. It is here to stay. We have no control over it. We cannot prevent it, and we cannot fix it. What do we do?

When you cannot prevent something from happening, you insure against it. There are no means to prevent all motor vehicle incidents. So we require all auto owners to have liability insurance. We insure our lives, health, homes, businesses because of the probability and possibility of loss. Being shot while in a public gathering is a real possibility.

Instead of trying to take away a good citizen’s right to own a weapon, it may be time to mandate all citizen’s obtain mass murder insurance. Why punish the majority of good people because of the acts of a few bad people? We do not call for any ban of high speed motor vehicles because there are hundreds of daily accidents where speed was is factor. We do not ban alcohol although it is a factor in many fatal accidents. We just require alcohol-related businesses to carry alcohol specific insurance. We don’t eliminate alcohol because too many responsible people enjoy it and because of its economic impact.

The chance of a person getting hit by a speeding car or a car driven by a person driving under the influence of alcohol is exponentially greater than the possibility of you being shot by a person intent on killing multiple people in a single occurrence — but it could happen and without warning. Just as 500-year floods are happening regularly, too.

Sadly, mass murder is a part of Americana. It is time to insure ourselves against the possibility. When traveling, insurance is available in case of unexpected losses. The chance of your luggage getting lost when flying is great enough that you can insure against it. The same on-the-spot coverage should be made available in case of a mass shooting.

Going to church one day of the year, buy mass murder coverage. Going to a night out for line dancing with some friends, buy some single night coverage. Going to a movie, you might want to forgo the extra butter and add some mass murder coverage with that popcorn. Going to school, well, maybe that insurance coverage should be included in the student’s normal fee schedule. Seeking employment, you may want to negotiate mass murder coverage in lieu of an extra week of vacation or additional holidays.

America must stop pretending to be surprised by gun violence. There is a greater guarantee of gun violence than there are rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Gun violence ain’t going away. And, hopefully, guns aren’t going away, either.

Your chance of getting shot by a mass murderer may be comparable to winning the lottery, but look at all the people who take that chance every week.

Mass murder insurance. Before the subject offends you, think and pray on it.

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