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Michigan football coach Gary Moeller was so drunk after his

May 3, 1995 GMT

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) _ Michigan football coach Gary Moeller was so drunk after his arrest for punching a police officer that jail staff refused to admit him and sent him to a hospital, according to police reports.

Meanwhile, school officials said Tuesday that athletic department aide Keith Molin will head its internal investigation of Moeller’s conduct Friday night at the Excalibur restaurant in Southfield.

``Keith will handle the investigation and put together a factual report for my perusal,″ athletic director Joe Roberson said. ``After I receive the report, I will put forth the findings to president (James) Duderstadt, and together we will make a final decision.″


On Monday, Duderstadt suspended Moeller, 54, with pay from his $130,000-a-year job until after the internal review. Defensive coordinator Lloyd Carr will direct the team as interim head coach.

According to reports to Southfield police by officers and other witnesses released Tuesday, Moeller consumed at least seven drinks before his waitress cut him off, then repeatedly cursed, grabbed and pushed restaurant employees.

His wife Ann told police she argued with Moeller when he would not stop drinking, and she went to sit in their car.

After she left, Moeller became rowdy, shouting, banging on the table, trying to pick fights and harassing his waitress and others, witnesses told police.

``I love you. I love you,″ he told his waitress, according to her statement. ``Look in my eyes. You’re not listening to me.″

Moeller smashed two glasses, cutting himself, the reports said.

After the restaurant manager got Moeller to step outside, he defied a half-dozen police officers and refused to get into a cab that had been called to take him home, the reports said.

Police arrested Moeller after he allegedly punched Officer Vincent Maviglia in the chest, the reports said.

Moeller continued to resist and swear at police and had to be pulled into a patrol car, the reports said. After Oakland County Jail officers decided he was too drunk to be admitted, police took him to Providence Hospital to be checked for alcohol poisoning, they said.

At the hospital, the reports said, Moeller swore at police and patients until nurses asked police to isolate him in a trauma room. He agreed to take a blood alcohol test but later refused, so he was returned to the jail, the reports said.


Moeller spent Friday night in jail and was released the next day on a $200 bond. He faces a May 12 pretrial hearing on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

Moeller has been unavailable for comment. But he has expressed ``regret over the incident,″ said his attorney, David DuMouchel.

``His behavior was completely out of character and is a source of personal embarrassment to him,″ DuMouchel said. ``The entire incident is regrettable.″