CHULA VISTA, Calif. (AP) — Alise Post race to her third straight victory in the USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships on Saturday, and fellow 2012 Olympian Nic Long won his second men's title.

Post, from St. Cloud, Minn., won all three motos and semifinals, then held off Arielle Martin of Spanaway, Wash., in the final.

"Today was a lot of fun," Post said. "It was good racing. All the girls were on point. For me, it just felt really great to win three in a row. It's a great accomplishment. On top of that, I made my momma proud. She's been watching from home and wasn't able to make it, being in the hospital. I'm happy to have won for her."

Long, from Lakeside, Calif., used a quick burst out of the gate to gain an edge over Olympic teammate and defending national champion Connor Fields of Henderson, Nev.

"It was a super long pause on the random gate and I was sitting there thinking about it and followed through and had a good start," Long said. "I don't know if Connor messed up or he just was late, but I beat him down the first straight and moved over a little bit, so he couldn't come up alongside of me and just held on for the rest of the lap."

In the elite junior races, Maliek Byndloss of Cape Coral, Fla., topped the men's field, and Shaelen Reno of Plano, Texas, took the women's juniors title.