Katie Deal to bring stories to the stage

March 14, 2017 GMT

The daughter of Gov. Nathan Deal will don the persona of the late Patsy Cline to entertain the residents of Cedartown on April 8

A night of country music and storytelling is coming up in Cedartown in April as the daughter of Governor Nathan Deal brings both her own story of a life spent loving the songs of Patsy Cline.

Katie Deal didn’t start out life expecting to become a professional artist performing in the same style as the legendary country music artist, but opportunities after college gave her a chance to sing some of her favorite music.

Deal began her stage career as an understudy in the role of Patsy Cline in a Memphis theater, then eventually got to take on the leading role in national tours, and took up other gigs including

Now she’s telling her story in a new show being taken on tour around the country - and to Cedartown itself called “Today, Tomorrow and Forever: A Tribute to Patsy Cline.”

“This is a tribute in every sense of the word, in how she influenced me, and I try to take the audience back to a nostalgic place,” Deal said. “That’s my goal in the show, is to have people jump along and get on the journey with me.”

She said her biggest goal with the new show is to get people to connect with the music in the same way she did when she first heard the tunes as a child, listening to a variety of music including Patsy Cline in her home which eventually led her to singing and performing.

Having spent time on the road performing as one of her favorite musicians has given Deal some interesting experiences in various towns, including Cline’s last stop in Dyersburg, Tenn., before her tragic death in 1963 in a plane crash after stopping in the town.

Dyersburg is where some of Cline’s cousins live to this day, and when she performed the family spoke with Deal afterward.

“Afterwards they came up to me and they said ‘You even walk like her, how did you figure it out?’” Deal said.

As for whether Deal’s parents Gov. Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal will be attending the show? That’s her hope, since they have been at all of her shows in the past and isn’t worried about sharing the intimate moments of her past with her family that have shaped her music career.

“My mom is a big part of the show in some ways, and really the stories are just as much about them because they’re the ones who raised me on the music,” she said.

Deal’s performance is set to start at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 8 and tickets remain on sale online at cedartownshows.com. Prices start $20 and range to $25 depending on seating options.