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Let’s face it: Progressives hate the Constitution

June 30, 2016 GMT

He’s out.

Finally out, and himself. Finally revealing the secret he’s been concealing for years in the shadows, but what many have likely long suspected: Influential 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner hates the Constitution. He’s not just ambivalent about it or lukewarm. He despises it. Posner recently wrote in Slate: “I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, day(s), hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution.” In other words, he spent more time writing that we should not study the Constitution than he thinks anyone should spend studying the Constitution.

“Absolutely no value” — That posture is not explained by ambivalence or passivity. To see “absolutely no value” for a jurist in America to study the Constitution represents derision and hostility. He didn’t say limited value, or diminishing value, or that it has fading relevance. He said Absolutely. No. Value. Not recognizing a single salvageable syllable reeks with anger.

Keep in mind, this document he sees “absolutely no value” in studying — not even for a second — sparked the greatest expansion of individual freedom in the history of the world, created a laboratory for explosive economic and industrial expansion, spawned the world’s greatest superpower and led to a culture that defines the Western world. And 228 years beyond its ratification, exists — albeit fragilely — still today. This document he says has no value created the environment for women and blacks and others to rise up from a former status recognized globally as property — to one of legal equality.

Judge Posner — along with all of his peers — made an oath to uphold this worthless document. In fact, they didn’t just make an oath to uphold it. The only reason any of them have any authority as a judge is because this document says so. If we shred the Constitution, then we must shred Judge Posner’s set of robes as well, turn his gavel into kindling and re-purpose his bench into a coffin for all the freedoms that die with this meaningless Constitution. How this judge deems worthless the document he swore to uphold is intellectual dishonesty at its worst. He should resign yesterday.

There’s a reason Posner and progressives like him hate the Constitution. And it’s very simple. Their agenda cannot coexist with it. The Constitution is an obstacle to the ever-expanding government power progressives need to enact their ambitions. It is a limiting document that musses up almost every big thing they want to do: restrict gun ownership, silence the politically incorrect, use centralized power to control the states, oversee all of health care and create numerous other agencies with broad powers overseeing even mundane aspects of our lives. They do all of this anyway, but it would be so much easier without expending the energy to maintain a laughable pretense of Constitutionality.

If progressives could fill the void left by a destroyed Constitution, they would enact a government that bestows, not recognizes, individual rights — because the power to bestow is also the power to revoke. Social engineering can happen so much more efficiently in an environment of revocable rights arbitrated by a government run by progressive bureaucrats. No progressive constitution ever begins with “We The People.”

It’s probably also emotionally painful that more often than not, the collectivism embraced by progressives creates a hellhole of oppression instead of a Shining City on a Hill. In terms of producing favorable societal outcomes, freedom kicks collectivism in the giblets every time.

I not only take issue with Posner’s bunk, I believe the opposite is true. The Constitution’s core is more relevant today than in 1788. I’m guessing the Founders knew at some point that British Redcoats would be replaced by something else as the greatest enemy to freedom. Posner, and the progressives who fail to condemn his tripe, have proven the Founders prophetic.

But what I fear most is that Posner’s now open disdain for the Constitution will in this country accelerate the discussion about the methodical dismantling of the last great legal barrier to government oppression — our beloved Constitution.

Associated Press award-winning columnist Neal Larson of Idaho Falls is also the author of “Living in Spin.” He is a conservative talk show host on KID Newsradio 590am, 106.3 and 92.1fm, and also at www.kidnewsradio.com. “The Neal Larson Show” can be heard weekday mornings from 8 to 10 a.m. His email address is neal@590kid.com.