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Man Charged In Deaths of Three Women In Serial Killing Case

March 5, 1991 GMT

SEATTLE (AP) _ A man has been charged with murder in the bludgeoning deaths last summer of three women.

The three women were last seen alive in cocktail lounges. Two were found dead in their own beds and the third near a trash bin.

Bellevue and King County police and prosecutors said Monday there were signs of mutilation and necrophilia, or a sexual fascination with corpses, in the slayings.

George Waterfield Russell, 32, a Bellevue transient, was charged Monday with first-degree murder in the Aug. 9 death of Carol Marie Beethe, 35, and with aggravated first-degree murder in the Aug. 31 death of 24-year-old Andrea S. ″Randi″ Levine of Kirkland.


Russell was earlier charged with the first-degree murder of Mary Ann Pohlreich, 27, of Redmond. Her body was discovered June 23.

Police claim Russell frequented the cocktail lounges where the women were last seen alive.

Russell pleaded innocent Monday to all three charges.

In a telephone interview from the King County Jail Monday night, Russell told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that much of the evidence against him is circumstantial and that he has alibis.

″Supposedly I’m a Ted Bundy fan. I had books on him, but as far as a fan, no 3/8″ Russell said. He was referring to the serial killer from Tacoma who went on a nationwide killing spree of young women in the 1970s. Bundy was executed in Florida two years ago.

″I have no aspirations to be like him at all,″ Russell said.

King County deputy prosecutor Jeffrey Baird said the killer carefully posed the victims’ nude bodies so ″they would confront the person discovering them in a most appalling manner.″

Pohlreich’s nude body was found June 23 next to a trash bin behind a Bellevue restaurant.

″No effort whatsoever was made to conceal the body; it was visible from a distance of 100 feet,″ documents state.

Beethe was discovered dead in her bed by one of her two daughters on Aug. 9. She suffered at least 13 heavy blows to the head and numerous wounds in a struggle with her attacker, according to Baird. A plastic dry-cleaning bag was wrapped around her head.

Levine was discovered by her landlord on her bed in her Kirkland apartment Sept. 3. Police believe she was killed early Aug. 31.

Her skull had been fractured and hundreds of stab, slash and puncture wounds had been inflicted after she died, according to court papers.