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‘All in the Timing’

July 22, 2018 GMT

How many of us have wished to have a rewind button in our life? Meeting an attractive person or those who done it mysteries with personal choice endings are just a few choices Old Town Actors Studio has brought with their most recent production.

“All in the Timing” by David Ives looks at time as a construct as well as looking at different aspects of the human condition. This collection of vignettes are considered one act plays on their own. The topics were a little controversial for a more religious area, hence the few audience members who left at intermission, but the entire production was hilarious for the topics covered.


Language and word play, existentialism, meaning of life, and romantic relationships are just a few of the comedic elements in this production.

My favorite one acts were “Words, Words, Words” which looks at the infinite monkey theorem which states that a number of monkeys typing for an infinite amount of time would type a text, like Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

However, this play looks at what the monkeys would be thinking and doing when typing. The monkey’s names are Milton, Swift, and Kafka, who are some of the most iconic writers in our history.

It was absolutely hilarious and one of my favorites. “Babel in Arms” took a historical look at the builders of the Tower of Babel: What they may be thinking during the building process, and how to define God.

It was a funny representation of the Bible story from a different point of view. My other favorite was “The Philadelphia” which looks at colloquialisms from different parts of the country. What would happen if you suddenly found yourself unable to figure out the language and what you ordered, wasn’t what you got? It was very funny.

The cast all worked together very well and looked like they were having a lot of fun. The cast for numerous acts were, Daniel Sheldon, Gabrielle Kane, Madison May, Brandt Hurley, Tiffany Chandler, Trent Clegg, Mikey Barlow, Chris Cole, Ted Bonman, and Trina Bonman.

They all did a very good job and know that memorizing lines and being in numerous acts must have been tough and they made it look effortless.

The stage was interesting and simple. The wall had four different clock faces which melted into each other, almost like Salvador Dali, and the set pieces were brought on and off from the corners of the stage. This worked well because even though it seemed cluttered, at first, it didn’t detract from the action on stage and it was easy to imagine the world the characters were performing in.


This production has language, innuendos, and looks at religious stories from a comedic standpoint. I highly recommend taking time to come and see this production. The actors have worked hard to make this possible and having an audience makes it even better. Let us show support for these local theaters and talented individuals. Bravo everyone!

Emily Thornton is currently working on her Masters in Communication at ISU. She enjoys writing, racing after her son and playing games with her husband.

If you go:

July 23, 27, 28th

Doors open at 7 show begins at 7:30

Tickets $12

Call 478-6886 to reserve your tickets