Mac Thornberry: Military spending isn’t the cause of the growing national debt

February 8, 2018 GMT

Rep. Mac Thornberry said Thursday that military spending makes up a much smaller portion of the federal budget compared to other programs.“The fact is the whole defense budget is 15 percent of the federal budget. Seventy percent of the federal budget is entitlements and interest payments,” Mr. Thornberry, Texas Republican, said on CNN.

He said that Republicans can support the budget deal currently on the table because it increases spending for the military despite adding to the national debt.

The military has seen inadequate supplies, outdated equipment and a dwindling prepared workforce, the congressman said.

“So debt is growing, the sequestration law has not slowed that down, but what has happened is that military funding is about 20 percent lower today than it was eight years ago,” Mr. Thornberry said.

He added that once the military is at full readiness again, the issue of debt and a balanced budget can be reviewed.