Bill Clinton didn’t take away my guns -- Ron Thronson

July 18, 2016 GMT

The only similarity between a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and a Model 94 Winchester .30-30 is they both have lever actions.

But don’t tell that to Donald Trump and Ron Johnson. Before the 2016 hunting season begins, they will pose for their annual photo opportunity with the National Rifle Association. One, with his blaze orange hair comb-over and the other endorsing gun ownership for the psychotic and mentally ill.

They will look like Floyd R. Turbo and Elmer Fudd trudging, with their AR-15′s, 40 yards into the woods for the camera crew.

I was a NRA life member for 20-plus years until Charlton Heston became the NRA president and changed the goal of gun safety for youths to a political movement. Remember him saying you’ll take his gun “from my cold, dead hands”?

Then we learned Heston suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and was an alcoholic, a bad combination. Now Wayne La Pierre has this paranoid and terrifying fear that background checks will cut into the NRA membership.

In 1992 and 1996 a co-worker begged me not to vote for Bill Clinton because “he will take our guns!” Twenty years later I still have my guns. As an old cowboy storyteller once advised, “Shoot low, sheriff, he’s riding a Shetland pony!”

-- Ron Thronson, Edgerton