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Middlesex Community College Union Votes No Confidence in President Mabry

February 28, 2019

LOWELL Just hours after the Middlesx Community College board of trustees voted to “support the leadership” of embattled President James Mabry, the MCC union took a vote of no confidence in both Mabry and board Chair James Campbell.

The board’s vote and the union’s vote both took place Thursday, following discussions spurred by a recent survey of the school’s faculty and staff, which was critical of Mabry’s leadership.

“I’d say the vote reflects the sentiment of the membership at this time,” said Union President Joanna DelMonaco, referring to the union’s vote.

According to DelMonaco, the motion passed overwhelmingly.

At the board’s meeting earlier in the day, Campbell first proposed “a firm vote of confidence in the leadership of President Mabry and his administration.”

After pushback from some trustees, the board’s motion was carefully amended “to support the leadership of President (James) Mabry and request that he work collaboratively with the (Faculty and Staff Association) and MCC union to address issues and concerns raised.” The board voted 10-0 on the final motion.

Among concerns from trustees were questions as to whether the vote was too soon or allowed under the state’s Open Meeting Law.

DelMonaco, who was present at the board’s meeting, said she did not know the board would be taking a vote.

The ensuing turnout at the union’s meeting was overwhelming, according to Union Vice President David Kalivas. “People felt that they’re not representing the interests of the college well,” he said.

The union’s vote, according to Kalivas, was unprecedented.

“We have never done this at the college,” Kalivas said.