2018 State and Local

November 5, 2018

The Sun urges voters to get to the polls on Tuesday and let your voices be heard. This is the time to send a message to all politicians as to what their priorities should be for the next terms they’ll be serving at the state or federal level of government.

The overheated political climate must change. Democrats and Republicans must get back to work in a collaborative fashion, and only a return to civil discourse and respect for differing viewpoints can turn the corner.

Voters can help effect this change in attitude by electing lawmakers committed to the deliberative process and bipartisanship.

The Sun’s endorsements reflect candidates who we believe can best serve the best interest of the people in a style and manner that will inspire confidence and trust in government.

The following is a list of candidates the newspaper is endorsing for election on Nov. 6.

* Governor -- Re-elect the Republican team of Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito.

* U.S. Senate -- Elect Republican Geoff Diehl, a state representative from Whitman.

* U.S. Congress, 3rd District -- Elect Democrat Lori Trahan.

* Attorney General -- Re-elect Democrat Maura Healey.

* State Treasurer -- Re-elect Democrat Deborah Goldberg

* State Auditor -- Elect Republican Helen Brady.

* Secretary of State -- Re-elect Democrat William Galvin.

* Governor’s Council, Fifth District -- Elect Republican Richard Baker.

* 1st Middlesex District, State Senate -- Elect Republican John MacDonald of Lowell.

* Middlesex and Worcester District, State Senate -- Re-elect Democrat Sen. Jamie Eldridge of Acton.

* Worcester and Middlesex District, State Senate: Re-elect Republican Sen. Dean Tran of Fitchburg.

* 2nd Essex and Middlesex District, State Senate -- Elect Democrat Barry Finegold of Andover.

* 2nd Middlesex, State Representative: Re-elect Democrat Rep. James Arciero of Westford.

* 18th Essex, State Representative -- Elect Democrat Tram Nguyen of Andover.

* 19th Middlesex, State Representative -- Elect Democrat David Robertson of Wilmington.

* 22nd Middlesex, State Representative -- Re-elect Republican Rep. Marc Lombardo of Billerica.

* 36th Middlesex, State Representative -- Re-elect Democrat Rep. Colleen Garry of Dracut.

Statewide Ballot Questions

* Question 1 (Patient-to-Nurse Limits) -- Vote No -- Massachusetts hospitals rank among the best in the nation, but Question 1 will put that patient care, quality and safety at risk. Vote “No” and make no change to current laws relative to patient-to-nurse limits.

* Question 2 (Commission on Limiting Election Spending and Corporate Rights) -- Vote No.

* Question 3 (Transgender Anti-Discrimination) -- Vote Yes -- A yes vote would keep in place the current law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation.

Howe for Register of Deeds

Between Richard P. Howe, who has headed the North Middlesex Registry of Deeds since 1994, and Karen Cassella, a documents clerk who’s worked there since 1992, this pair of rivals for the top job have 50 years experience in serving the public. Howe’s made a name for himself by transforming the office into a highly professional, digitized operation where real estate agents, lawyers and residents can access records online dating back to 1627. Obviously, his 15-employee unionized staff, including Cassella, shares in the credit for implementing these positive changes. Howe’s going for his fifth, six-year term during which time the Registry of Deeds office will be relocating into the newly-built Lowell Judicial Center. While Cassella’s offered several ideas to improve services, Howe’s built a solid track record as Register and we believe he’s the best choice to lead the transition. The Sun endorses the re-election of Richard P. Howe for Northern Middlesex Register of Deeds.