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Kelly Brooke is ‘needy’ when it comes to her boyfriend

February 25, 2019 GMT

Kelly Brook is “a bit needy” when it comes to her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi.

The 39-year-old model has been romancing the French fellow model since 2015, and has said she’s completely smitten with him as she says she “fancies him even more” now than she did when they first started seeing one another.

She said: “We’re really lovey-dovey, although probably me more than him. I’m always all over him - he just wants a break! I get in a taxi and I’m five minutes down the road and I’m FaceTiming him. I’m a bit needy. But he’s so hot I have to! He has to know he’s loved, and I fancy him even more now than I did in the beginning.”

The couple aren’t engaged, although Kelly wears a ring he gave her on her wedding finger, and the Heart FM radio host says she doesn’t want to “pressure” the hunk into getting married.

She added: “I can’t wear [the ring] on any other finger because it doesn’t fit! He bought me it when we first met and it does look like an engagement ring - it’s engraved with the date we met and our names - but he’s never proposed and we’re not engaged.

“We haven’t really spoken about it much. He’s a lot younger than me and still has lots of things he wants to do in his life. So I’m not going to start pressuring him.”

And Kelly loves how “normal” Jeremy is.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: “He’s my sanctuary from everything else which is a bit nuts. And I can be a bit nuts! He’s a normal, simple bloke. He’s not complicated, he’s got no crazy issues and that’s so, so refreshing.”