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Moroccan Islamist politician killed by train

December 8, 2014

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Morocco’s Interior Ministry says a prominent Islamist politician and a close confidant of the prime minister has been struck and killed by a train.

The brief statement late Sunday gave no details on how Abdallah Baha was hit near the seaside town of Bouznika, only saying that police had opened an investigation.

A founder of the moderate Islamist Party of Justice and Development, Baha was a key theoretician for the movement and the main adviser to Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane.

The Moroccan press noted that a parliamentarian from the socialist party was killed at the same spot a few weeks earlier when his car was swept away by torrential rains.

Baha has been described as the architect of the party’s policy to work within the system for reform.