Cops say Bridgeport teen sexually assaulted, burned girlfriend

February 26, 2019

BRIDGEPORT — A local teen was arrested after police said he beat his girlfriend, sexually assaulted her and then set her hair on fire.

Reinaldo Ayala, 18, of Bird Street, was charged with first-degree sexual assault, second-degree assault, third-degree strangulation and unlawful restraint.

He was held in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Early Tuesday morning, police said, officers were dispatched to Bridgeport Hospital, where Ayala had just dropped off an unconscious woman. Police said Ayala told them the woman had been attacked by two black women who were with two black men who had threatened to beat him up too if he interfered.

But police continued that officers were suspicious because Ayala kept changing his story and could not give them a description of the assailants other than they were black.

Police said they questioned the victim when she became conscious, and that said she told them she and Ayala were driving from her mother’s house when he became angry at something she said.

Ayala pulled the car over and then began punching the young women numerous times, police said she told them. Police said Ayala ripped the woman’s clothes off, choked her and sexually assaulted her. He then pulled out a lighter, grabbed the woman’s hair and set her hair on fire, police said.

Police said Ayala drove into a vacant parking lot and ordered the woman, who was naked, out of the car, then he grabbed a stick and began beating her.

The woman passed out from the beating and woke up in the hospital, police said. She was treated at the hospital for extensive bruising on her arms and legs and bruises and bite marks on her face and body, police said.

When they checked Ayala’s car, police said they found a stick and some of the victim’s burned hair.