Kirsten Gillibrand attacks Donald Trump’s manhood outside Trump International Hotel

March 24, 2019 GMT

NEW YORK Kirsten Gillibrand on Sunday questioned President Trump’s manhood and accused him tearing apart America’s “moral fabric,” kicking off her presidential campaign with a rally in front of Trump hotel.

“Look up at that tower a shrine to greed division and enmity. Now look around at you. The greater strength by far is ours,” she told the cheering crowd.

Over her shoulder was visible the gold-colored marquee of Trump International Hotel.

“He puts his name in bold on every building. He does all of this because he wants you to believe he is strong. He is not. Our president is a coward,” said the New York Democrat.

She has made “brave” the catch-word for her campaign and used it to distinguish herself from what she described as the cowardice, fear and hate of Mr. Trump’s presidency.

“We deserve a president who is brave, a president who will walk through fire to do what is right,” she said.

The rally beside the Trump hotel was designed to draw media attention and help her campaign gain traction in a crowded field.

But it also underscored how far back she is in the race. About 1,000 people showed up in her home city, where five blocks of Central Park West were closed for the rally.

A jumbotron displayed the event for a few hundred people in the mostly empty overflow area that accounted for three blocks of the closed street beside Central Park.

To distinguish herself from her more than a dozen rivals, Ms. Gillibrand presented herself as a champion for LBGT rights, women’s issues, illegal immigrant Dreamers.

She rolled out a liberal agenda that included supporting a Medicare-for-All plan, the Green New Deal and a carbon tax, paid family leave, free job training, universal pre-kindergarten, a $15 minimum wage and legalized marijuana.

Her campaign billed it as the biggest speech of her nascent run. She made the case that her record of fighting for underdogs sexual assault victims, LBGT people and victims of gun violence made her uniquely qualified to take on Mr. Trump.

“I am proud to have stood up to Donald Trump more than anyone else in the U.S. Senate,” she said.

While she made her aggression toward Mr. Trump a centerpiece of her pitch, the New York Democrat said she was not running against Mr. Trump as much as she was running for American people.

“I am running for president to fix what has been broken [and] to repair our moral fabric,” she said.