Review: ‘The Commuter,’ now on DVD, is thrilling and intense

April 20, 2018 GMT

Liam Neeson brings viewers right into his world as “The Commuter.” This action-packed movie is definitely intense, and Neeson once again proves he is an amazing actor.

In the film, Michael (Neeson) travels to and from New York City on the train every day; Back and forth, day after day. The same thing is true for most others on his commute, so they get to know a little about each other through the months and years; Back and forth, day after day.

A former New York Police Department cop but now an insurance salesman, Michael is troubled that he and his wife (Elizabeth McGovern) cannot afford his son’s college tuition. Adding to the stress, on the day the film takes place, Michael is fired and is almost at his wits end.

On the train home that night, a woman (Vera Farmiga) approaches him with a “hypothetical” situation. If he locates a certain person on the train, he can make an easy hundred thousand dollars. But the situation is not actually hypothetical. It’s real, and Michael finds himself involved in a very dangerous position. He is being watched at every turn, and is left trying to figure out who is behind it all and which one of his fellow travelers is watching his every move.

But the trickiest part is who is the person he’s supposed to find and, more importantly, why? To say this train ride to the suburbs is intense is an understatement. People are getting killed left and right, but when his wife is threatened (via the mystery woman who left the train several stops back), he knows this is something he has to follow through on.

As the miles add up, Michael is no closer to finding the passenger. He uses his skills as a former policeman and tries to put the pieces together. One by one he sizes up each passenger. There are those he sees every day and there are plenty of new faces. Walking back and forth through the train cars, his mind whirls as he takes in every face and tries to figure out the person he is told doesn’t belong on the train.

The climax is just as intense as the train ride. Michael is someone who won’t be messed with, and his moral standards won’t allow him to harm an innocent person.

The 4K Ultra Blu-ray Combo pack of “The Commuter” includes two bonus features. Viewers learn about how the movie was filmed in London, where they recreated the NY feeling. They see how the one train car was built and able to be duplicated to the long train that carries all the passengers back and forth. With plenty of CGI, they really got the feeling of the NY commuter train.

Another bonus looks at the plot itself. It is described as a “Hitchcockian thriller” and a combination of an action thriller combined with a little Agatha Christie and plenty of Alfred Hitchcock. As a matter of fact, I could easily see Jimmy Stewart in the lead role, if this had been made during the time of Hitchcock and Stewart.

“The Commuter” is definitely an “edge of your seat” wild ride (no pun intended).