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Salt Rock honors mothers at annual tea event

May 22, 2019 GMT

SALT ROCK — Salt Rock Elementary hosted its fourth annual Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10.

Approximately 100 people come together to celebrate the importance of family at the tea, including Kindergarten students, mothers, grandmothers, Cabell County Board of Education staff, and students from Marshall University’s College of Education and Professional Development.

Thirty-three students prepared for the event by creating six work samples including an exposition about why they love their mother or grandmother, handprint art, and an “All about Mom” questionnaire. Kindergarten teachers shared a literacy partnership award with the Salt Rock Public Library and the Marshall University College of Education and Professional Development. They also recognized prominent student teachers from the school year, shared a reading selection with guests, and discussed the calling of motherhood. Students shared musical selections with guests. Salt Rock Elementary staff and Kindergarten students presented Principal Jennifer Ross with a hand-made lap quilt comprised of their artwork.


“Mrs. Ross gives all of her heart to every student that crosses her path. She truly loves them all like a mother, and she deserves to be recognized for that,” said Kindergarten teacher Stacy Meadows.

A student shared a poem with this audience as well.

The Mother’s Day Tea is hosted annually for those involved with the Salt Rock Elementary kindergarten.

“We believe it is important to celebrate the mother-figure in every child’s life,” said Kindergarten teacher Matthew Hicks, “because raising a child is a calling that is the best gift a personal could receive.”