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Stamford impostor attorney could be sent to jail

January 17, 2019 GMT

STAMFORD — An impostor convicted of posing as an attorney, who now claims to be spreading the word of God, may be sent back to jail Thursday for not paying back his immigrant victims enough money.

Jose Ortiz, 52, convicted for a second time of being a phony attorney in 2015, has agreed to repay his former clients $50,000 in installments of $834 per month to avoid jail time.

Ortiz was also given a five-year suspended jail sentence for pleading guilty to first-degree larceny. But Ortiz, who claims to be a graduate of the Omega Bible Institute and Seminary with a master’s degree in Divinity, had his probation violated in 2017.

According to a two-page affidavit detailing his probation agreement, Ortiz had only paid a total of $4,800, or about $200 a month, to his victims between his conviction and November 2017.

His probation officer also determined he missed two payments in a row, violating the signed agreement stating missing two payments would violate his parole.

Judge Bruce Hudock ruled last year that Ortiz was in violation of his probation.

As a result of the split sentence that Judge Richard Comerford imposed in 2015, Ortiz could be forced to serve all or part of his suspended jail sentence.

Hudock will decide during a court hearing Thursday whether to keep Ortiz on probation or send him to jail.