Skagit Valley Herald environment reporter wins award

December 18, 2018 GMT

MOUNT VERNON — Skagit Valley Herald environment reporter Kimberly Cauvel was recently recognized by the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association for her April coverage of how China’s changing recycling policies are impacting Skagit County.

Cauvel received second place in the Debby Lowman award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs in the association’s annual C.B. Belthen Memorial Awards contest for 2017-2018. Her award-winning story, “ China recycling policy impacting Skagit County, ” was printed April 8.


The judges noted Cauvel’s “excellent explanation of the problem; good variety of sourcing, very useful information and clear explanations. Helpful advice to consumers who want to know what they should do.”

The C.B. Blethen Memorial Awards are sponsored by The Seattle Times, for which Blethen was publisher from 1915 until his death in 1941.

Cauvel said she began reporting on her story after seeing national news about China’s new ban on some recyclables. She reached out to the county and was surprised to find out they expected a large local impact.

“It’s an environmental problem, but it’s actually also impacting consumers,” she said. “They have to throw away items they were recycling before or their rates are increasing.”

Cauvel has been the environment reporter at Skagit Publishing for the past five years.