Kim Kardashian West quickly knew Kanye was her soulmate

February 27, 2018 GMT

Kim Kardashian West knew Kanye West was her “soulmate” when she slept over at his house.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star was impressed with how wrapped up Kanye likes to be at night as she likes a similar thing.

Speaking at the Create & Cultivate summit in Los Angeles this weekend, she said: “I sleep with the heat on ... 80 degrees and socks and a robe, every single night. The first night I slept at Kanye’s house ... I won’t say the date because I’ll get in trouble, but years and years ago, he slept with the heat on and socks, and I was like, ‘OMG, I met my soulmate.’”

Meanwhile, Kim previously revealed she loves Kanye to “infinity”.

She wrote on Instagram recently: “I love you to infinity! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! (sic)”

Kim and Kanye have had a great year so far, having welcomed their youngest child Chicago into the world via a surrogate last month. However, Kim has been keen to get straight back to work and doesn’t want to take hardly any time off despite everyone telling her to “slow down”.

A source said recently: “Kim is determined to show the public she can have it all - she can be a mum of three, do sexy shoots, work all the time and still work out. She’s doing all of these photo shoots so she can look like a super-mom. Beyonce hardly took time off work after having the twins and was looking sexier than ever in shoots right away, and Kim wants to do the same. Everyone’s telling her to slow down, especially as Kanye is away in Berlin, and she has nothing to prove. After all, every new mum takes time off. But Kim’s determined to do it all.”