Thumbs up, thumbs down

January 24, 2017

Thumbs down to the depressing reality that automobile accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists have risen nearly 70 percent despite improvements to crosswalks and intersections in Stamford. As the city invests in even more costly safety improvements, it’s hard to get past the thought that too many travelers just aren’t seeing the signs because their focus is on their own phones.

Thumbs down to the person who painted a racial slur on the garage door of a couple’s home in Bull’s Head. At a time when our nation appears more divided than ever, there should be a united stand against this kind of behavior.

Thumbs down to the suggestion by prosecutors that former state Supreme Court Justice Peter T. Zarella — who stepped down after releasing the decision that would return Michael Skakel to prison - re-join the remaining judges to reconsider their decision. The prosecutors are certainly banking on each vote remaining the same, but allowing Zarella to weigh in after moving onto private practice would truly be amateurish.

Thumbs up to the unnamed Amtrak whistleblower whose job was reinstated and was awarded an $892,551 settlement. The whistleblower initially lost his job after raising concerns about railroad safety, fraud and abuse involving a railroad contractor. The whistleblower also supported a fellow employee who was given a letter of reprimand after raising safety concerns in a separate matter. We applaud them for their commitment to integrity.

Thumbs down to the handful of idiots who used the cover of legitimate protest to exercise their own brand of criminal behavior. Washington, D.C., police arrested at least 217 people on charges of rioting, while a burning limousine sent clouds of black smoke skyward during President Donald Trump’s procession. About a mile from the National Mall, police chased a group of some 100 people who smashed the windows of businesses, including a Starbucks, a Bank of America and a McDonald’s.

Thumbs up , however, to the 5,000 people who represented what may have been the largest crowd yet in the re-imagined Stamford’s Mill River Park. Whether you agreed with their political position or not, they deserve kudos for raising their voices peacefully.