Flight held when crew fears bomb threat; no threat found

December 26, 2018 GMT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A flight from Philadelphia to Boston was held before takeoff while police investigated what the crew feared was a bomb threat.

It was eventually determined there was no threat.

Philadelphia police said flight attendants alerted the captain of the American Airlines flight Tuesday that a passenger was “displaying suspicious material on his cell phone, possibly alluding to a bomb threat.”

Sgt. Eric Gripp said in a statement that K-9 units searched the plane. Gripp said the passenger was cleared after an investigation, and the suspicious material was connected to the man’s Wi-Fi login. Calls seeking more information were not answered Tuesday night.


American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein told Philly.com the threat was “noncredible” and the incident was resolved quickly. The plane arrived two-and-a-half hours late. The report said it was first delayed by a mechanical problem.