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Amnesia Patient Identified, But Problems Still Abound

August 31, 1995 GMT

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ It’s not the happy ending friends had anticipated for ``Gigi,″ an amnesia victim who spent six months searching for her identity.

Gigi finally learned this week that she is Belinda Lin, 31, a medical secretary from Wilmington, Del.

But she still can’t remember anything about herself and her family isn’t sure they want her back.

``I feel like after all this, now we know who she is and there’s still no closure to it,″ said Cheryl Lear, patient advocate at Southeast Louisiana Hospital, where Gigi lived for months. ``What she’s going to do now I have no idea.″


She said Wednesday that Miss Lin was in seclusion and did not want to be interviewed. Nothing has jogged her memory.

Ms. Lear also said nothing explains the amnesia, although Miss Lin had been diagnosed as schizophrenic at age 18 and had not been taking anti-psychotic medication for years.

Gigi was found wandering in New Orleans on Feb. 18. She spent six weeks in a hospital and then four months in the psychiatric clinic, trying to establish her identity.

At the time, she told The Associated Press: ``I’m feeling alone. No support, no family, no friends.″

When the television show ``Unsolved Mysteries″ broadcast her story last week, a call from a former co-worker, Nancy Lawrence of Newcastle, Del., led to her identification, which was confirmed by dental records this week.

Her parents, Stanley and Carolyn Lin of Edinboro, Pa., learned in February that their daughter had disappeared, but did not notify police, Ms. Lear said.

Ms. Lear said Miss Lin had spoken with her parents, and was depressed and angry afterward.

The Lins did not answer phone calls to their home Wednesday.

Her father told The Times-Picayune newspaper that he would ``like to find out what happened to her that was so terrible that she decided she had to forget everything.″

The newspaper quoted Lin, a Presbyterian minister, as saying, ``I’m not going to spend the money to go down there if she does not remember us. She is of legal age, and I don’t know if I want to bring her home when there are such emotional problems.″

The former Belinda Lin isn’t rushing back to her old life either.

``This morning, I said `Do I call you Belinda now?‴ Ms. Lear said, ``and she said, `No way. My name is Gigi.‴