Art gallery added at Archer’s Flowers

November 18, 2017 GMT

HUNTINGTON — Operators of Archer’s Flowers, located at 534 10th St., believe they have some exciting news for this holiday season: The store has become an authorized Thomas Kinkade and Masters Edition Fine Art Gallery.

“We wanted to do something that is unique to the Tri-State but intermingles well with the 97-year-old floral shop,” said gallery owner Matthew Chambers.

“Finding a beautiful piece of fine art locally can be a challenge,” Chambers said. “I have always been a fan of fine art and enjoy visiting art galleries when traveling on vacation. This year, I had the opportunity to meet and personally talk with master artist Mark Keathley. The opportunity of being able to purchase an original piece of art and having the artist there in the flesh telling me about it made up my mind that I can make a difference to those who appreciate art as much as I do.”

Chambers said the floral and gift shop was already established, so he wanted to add the art gallery for art lovers.

“This way art lovers can have the opportunity to admire and collect the work locally, right here in Huntington,” he said. “I have always admired the work of Thomas Kinkade and his work has become very collectable after his death in 2012.”

Chambers says Thomas Kinkade became famously known as the “Painter of Light.”

“Thomas Kinkade had a talent of capturing light on the canvas and giving it a glowing effect like the light is actually real,” he said. “Archer’s has installed special dimmable lighting which will change the whole appearance of the art depending on the intensity of the light. It really is a lot of fun to look at the art in different types of light and watch the scene change.”

The living artist he chose to focus on is Mark Keathley.

“Mark is a very humble artist from Texas who has been painting since he was a boy,” Chambers said. “His artwork has a way of grabbing the viewer and making you feel like you are actually there in the moment. Mark is big on making you realize the importance of slowing down to appreciate the natural beauty of the small things around us in such a busy world.”

Archer’s has a selection of both artists in stock at its new gallery located within Archer’s Flowers.

“Some of the mini open edition prints start at a low price, while the limited edition pieces’ prices depend on the rarity and size of the canvas,” Chambers said.

The limited edition art really is an investment, according to Chambers.

“Some of the pieces are limited to as few as 5 or 25 and embellished and signed by the artist,” he said. “When there are only a few of something in the world the value is sure to go up over time, which is another thing I love about the art world. This is a wonderful addition to the well-known floral shop and we look forward to sharing with the people of the Tri-State.”

Archer’s Flowers & Gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

In-stock items may be viewed on Archer’s gallery website at www.archersgallery.com.