Lineman Appreciation day scheduled for April 9

April 6, 2018 GMT

When people flip a light switch, they expect a light to turn on.

They usually don’t give much thought to the processes or people behind it, until the light doesn’t turn on because of a power outage. Severe weather is the top cause of power outages in the United States. When storms cause the power to go out, we depend upon our electric utilities to restore power as safely and quickly as possible.

Lineman Appreciation Day is April 9, honoring the employees who are dispatched to the areas where storms have damaged electrical equipment in order to ensure public safety and restore power. Linemen are the front line, but they do not work alone. In fact, behind every flick of a light switch or press of an electronic appliance button, there is an entire team of utility personnel working hard to make sure electricity is delivered reliably and safely to homes and businesses.

“Together, all of the employees form the infrastructure of their electric utilities,” explains Molly Hall, executive director of the Energy Education Council through a released statement. “They are the ones working daily to provide enough power to meet a community’s needs, manage load, minimize the possibility of power outages, restore power, provide education on safety and efficiency topics, and so much more. While many of these employees work behind the scenes, they all play a role in helping power communities and people’s lives.”

CEO/GM Clay Gibbs of Cornhusker Public Power District added through a released statement, “We care about the communities we serve, and helping everyone stay safe is a big part of it. I thank all of our employees for working safely and our customers for being mindful of electrical wires.”

Remember—utility employees are there to help. The processes and rules they follow have been established for safety, reliability, and fairness of the system.

“When you have the chance, thank the utility personnel you meet, whether on the phone, online, or in person,” Hall said. “They play a key role in your community as they work to keep the lights on and people safe.”

For safety measures and efficiency tips, those interested are encouraged to visit SafeElectricity.org and cornhusker-power.com.